Why Pearls Gone Wild?:
Pearls Gone Wild is a leader in the online pearl industry taking great pride in their quality oysters and pendants.  Pearls Gone Wild is a recognizable name throughout the world and is delighted to put so many smiles on peoples faces around the globe.  Joining Pearls Gone Wild will allow you to operate under the name which is synonomous with some of the most beautiful pearls in the world.  Unlike other pearl companies, Pearls Gone Wild is not a pyramid scheme or multi-level marketing company.  You will truly be able to operate your own pearl business without having to bother your friends and family to join the company.  As an independent company that began with just 40 live viewers on the first ever Live Facebook Show we understand firsthand what it takes to succeed in the pearl business and we will provide you with our knowledge to help you prosper.  We are so thrilled that you are expressing interest in joining our team and we hope to work together to share in your success!
What is my earning potential:
As a consultant of Pearls Gone Wild you will earn up to 35% of your retail sales!!!
The best part is you don't have to wait weeks of months for your commission payout!  You will get your profit immediately after a sale.
When do I work?:
The greatest part of being a Pearls Gone Wild consultant is that you can work whenever you want from the comfort of your own home.  You will have complete control of your hours and your earning potential. You can do as many shows as you’d like per month at whatever time of the day is convenient to you.  The world is your oyster :)
How does it work?:
Pearls Gone Wild will provide you with exclusive access to our Consulting Webpage which will give you the expertise to create a successful Facebook business.  Once you begin selling you will be able to purchase oysters from our exclusive Consulting Webpage at a discount price for resale.  All Pendants and Oyster To Go orders will be drop-shipped by Pearls Gone Wild, enabling you to never have to purchase pendants and Oyster To Go's unless your customer has already purchased them from you.  This feature allows you to minimize your investment in products and alleviate the financial risk of purchasing a large inventory you may not be able to sell, not to mention we will take care of all the shipping for your pendants and Oyster To Go orders!
How much to join?
Joining Pearls Gone Wild costs only $199 for your consulting kit.
Starter package includes:
  • 10- Oysters to open on your live show 
  • 1- 6 Compartment Tray
  • 1- Vernier Caliper to measure the diameter of your pearls
  • 1- Oyster Knife
  • 1- Tripod for phone to help record your live show
  • 1- Bag of Black Sand to display your pearls
  • 1- Sterling Silver Enchanted Mermaid Pendant & Chain (not available in our online store.)

Package is valued at over $300!

The investment of your starter package will pay for itself with just the first 10 oysters sold PLUS you will earn $50 in profit!!! This doesn't even include the profit you make for selling pendants!!!


How do I apply:
Pearls Gone Wild will accepting applications and thoroughly reviewing them to determine who will be a great addition to the Pearls Gone Wild team.  Click the link below to apply and don't forget to send us a short video.

Apply Here!

*Currently accepting consultants located in the United States only.

*Must be 18 years of age or older.

What happens next?
After thoroughly reviewing applications, Pearls Gone Wild will contact you if you are accepted and begin the implementation process of creating your own pearl business. :)