Consulting Starter Kit

$199.00 $300.00

Joining Pearls Gone Wild costs only $199 for your consulting kit.
Starter package includes:
  • 10- Oysters to open on your live show 
  • 1- 6 Compartment Tray
  • 1- Vernier Caliper to measure the diameter of your pearls
  • 1- Oyster Knife
  • 1- Tripod for phone to help record your live show
  • 1- Bag of Black Sand to display your pearls
  • 1- Custom Facebook Cover Photo (your name & logo)
  • 1- Custom Facebook Profile Photo (your name & logo)

Package is valued at over $300!

The investment of your starter package will pay for itself with just the first 10 oysters sold PLUS you will earn $50 in profit!!! This doesn't even include the profit you make for selling pendants!!!

Discount codes due not apply to the purchase of consulting kits.

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