Gift Set: Oyster & Pendant w/ chain

$39.99 $70.00

You are purchasing a gift set including a single packaged oyster to open at home and a Pendant with a complimentary 20" sterling silver snake chain.  Great for gifts, bachelorette parties, or for anyone that wants to feel the excitement of opening their own.  You will be guaranteed a pearl, sometime twins!  Pearls range in size and can be colored red, green, white, cream, pink, purple, blue, gold, grey and black. 

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All Pearls and Pendants are interchangeable within just seconds.




When you receive your "Oyster To Go" you will be very excited to open it but we ask that you use caution as the process of opening your oyster may be dangerous.  First use a scissors to cut open the vacuum sealed package.  Remove the oyster from the package.  Break off the top portion of the oyster near the opening. Next insert an oyster knife or non-sharp knife into the opening.  Cut down on the oyster half way to open.  Be sure not to cut all the way down as you may damage the pearl. Pull the shell open and feel around the inside of the oyster to find your pearl.  Watch one of our previous shows posted on our Facebook wall if you'd like to see a visual demonstration of how we open them.  Pearls Gone Wild LLC is not liable for any personal injuries in this process.

The oysters and pearls are not fit for consumption.  This includes your pets.  Pearls Gone Wild LLC is not liable for any harm that may be caused by ingestion of the oyster or pearl. 

There is over a 99% chance there is a pearl inside. If we open an oyster for you on our live show and there happens to be no pearl we will simply open another one for you.  If you open Oysters To Go at home and are worried there may be no pearl inside just film yourself opening them. Make sure you check the "meat" of the oyster in your video very well, as often the pearls are hidden.  Video must be provided for the consideration of replacement.

Pendant fits 1 pearl.  Based on your selection, pendant is either Sterling Silver or rhodium plated copper for dazzling bright color. Includes complimentary Sterling Silver snake chain.

Pearl color inside pendant in picture is an example only.  Pearl inside oyster is of random color.

Caring for Sterling Silver:
Polishing Sterling Silver is the best way to clean it. Always use a soft non-abrasive cloth to clean Sterling Silver, moving to a new section of the cloth as you clean. Never use circular polishing movements, rather follow the grain of the metal.
The maintain the beauty of your Sterling Silver avoid using household cleaners, hairspray or lotion near your pendant. Always remove Sterling Silver before sunbathing or swimming.
Tarnishing of Sterling Silver occurs when the metal is oxidized. To help prevent tarnishing, always store pieces of Sterling Silver separately in an air tight bag and place in an area of low humidity. Keep clasp unhooked when storing. It is helpful to store your Sterling Silver with a packet of silica or a piece of chalk to ensure it is stored in a non-humid environment.
Wearing Sterling Silver often can help prevent tarnishing as the natural oils in your body have a cleaning effect on the metal.

Caring for a rare and precious metal plating:

Rhodium is one of the most rare metals in the world, even rarer than gold. It is used to plate jewelry to give a dazzling, silver finish.  As all jewelry platings will wear with use, here are some ways to maintain the lustrous appearance of rhodium.  To clean rhodium plated pendant: soak in 1/3 cup mild soap and 1 cup water for no longer than 10 minutes and use your fingers to gently rub the pendant. Do not soak longer than 10 minutes. Rinse pendant in lukewarm water, preferable distilled water, as tap water that is considered will degrade its appearance. To dry, place pendant on soft, clean towel and gently pad off excess moisture. Allow to completely dry by air over night. Store pendant in tissue paper to prevent it from rubbing against hard surfaces and scratching it's surface.  Body chemistry i.e. high pH levels in the body can increase the wear on any and all metals so it is suggested to not wear plated jewelry everyday unless you know how your body will interact with such metals. Use of household cleaners, moisturizer and perfume may reduce the life span of the precious metal plating. 





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